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Male Hormone Assessment

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Hormones communicate with our bodies, sending our cells signals and messages. From the hormones that communicate with our brain when we are hungry to the sex hormones that regulate sperm production and the sex drive, there are many hormones in the body. All hormones play an important part in our bodies, by establishing important communication pathways and enabling cells to do their jobs.

Hormones are also implicated in many other disease processes, like issues related to mood changes and infertility issues. Hormonal imbalance can present as a variety of symptoms for men, like infertility, erectile dysfunction, memory loss, depression, grumpiness, breast enlargement, weight gain benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Testosterone, estradiol, cortisol, and DHEA are the hormones that are most commonly implicated in Male hormonal imbalances.

Urine testing is the most recommended assessment for male hormone assessment. Urine sample provides a more comprehensive look at how sex hormones are being secreted throughout the day, and how it is being metabolized by the body. Blood or salivary hormone assessment lacks this advantage. Serum sex hormones measure bound and free hormones only, whereas urine testing displays the free hormone and the metabolites, which are more active.

“Don’t guess, let’s test to address!” – Dr. Swalah, ND

Dr. Swalah, ND is aware of the importance of proper hormonal function and uses additional diagnostic testing to understand what hormones are imbalanced, by how much and which other hormonal pathways are being implicated. By testing, we are removing the guesswork and creating the best treatment protocol. By testing, we are diving deep into understanding what the root cause is and addressing it, rather than just alleviating the signs and symptoms.

Hormone testing may or may not be required. Consult a naturopath to learn if this is needed for you.

Disclaimer: Dr. Swalah ND requires a thorough, one hour health assessment before further diagnostic tests are deemed necessary.