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Leaky Gut Syndrome

> Digestive health

Leaky gut, medically known as “intestinal permeability”, happens when the tight links of the inner intestinal tract loosen leading to food particles, viruses, bacteria and toxins entering the bloodstream. These things aren’t suppose to be in the bloodstream, and as a result, it’s presence can lead to inflammation and negative changes in the gut flora. In fact, increased intestinal permeability, or leaky gut syndrome, has been linked to chronic diseases like celiac disease, Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

The digestive tract has a great responsibility of breaking down the foods we eat, absorbing all the nutrients, proteins and minerals and discarding all the wasteful and harmful byproducts. The gut houses millions of bacteria that help the digestive tract do its job and also supports the immune system. Therefore, when leaky gut syndrome occurs it can create many different signs and symptoms. Signs of symptoms of leaky gut syndrome have been associated with skin conditions like eczema, acne, gas, bloating, cramping pain & more.


Leaky gut syndrome can be caused by the standard American diet, which includes pro-inflammatory foods, excessive amounts of sugar and low amounts of fiber. Alcohol and stress can also cause inflammation in the digestive tract, leading to leaky gut syndrome. Other common causes of leaky the gut syndrome are:

  • Food sensitivities that aggravate and contribute to inflammation
  • Improper stomach acid product leading to improper breakdown for foods
  • Abnormal nutrient malabsorption leading to decreased bioavailability of nutrients to support gut health
  • Antibiotics and NSAIDs
  • Imbalance of gut flora leading to decreased gut immunity

How can a naturopathic doctor help?

Dr. Swalah, ND begins her approach by doing an extensive health assessment and additional lab testing if deemed necessary. A comprehensive stool analysis can help determine the severity of gut bacteria dysregulation and a food sensitivity testing can determine if inflammation is occurring from the foods that are consumed on a daily basis. Both these tests can also inform us about the degree of intestinal permeability that is occurring.

After, Dr. Swalah ND works with her patients to remove causative agents that are causing the leaky gut and other agents that preventing the healing process. The goal of therapy is to remove the causative agents that created a leaky gut, to decrease the permeability, regenerate, support and strength the “linkages” in the gut to decrease the gaps. Natural remedies are dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, botanical medicine and nutraceuticals.

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