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Gas & Bloating

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Gas & bloating can be an uncomfortable and inconvenient symptom. Most people experience bloating during the menstrual cycle, after a big meal or have it consistently. An important thing to note is that bloating is actually a symptom, meaning it causes by an overlying health irregularity.


Dr. Swalah’s main goal is to determine the root cause of gas & bloating, two major ones being digestion and hormone.

1. Improper digestive function

Bloating due to improper digestive function is very common. To determine if this is the cause, looking at when bloating occurs is important. If there is no bloating in the morning but bloating by the end of the day or bloating after every meal,  digestive dysfunction is most likely occurring. With this piece of information in mind, Dr. Swalah, ND will further investigate to determine where the digestive dysfunction is occurring, like decreased stomach acid production, food intolerances and overgrowth of bacteria and yeast leading to dysbiosis.

2. Hormonal Imbalances

If bloating occurs in the morning, fluctuates according to the menstrual cycle and is not associated with food, then it can be due to hormonal imbalances. The two major hormones that attribute to bloating are estrogen and progesterone. Too much estrogen attributes to bloating before menses begin and other not so fun symptoms like water retention, heavy menses, and breast tenderness. Too little progesterone also leads to bloating, which occurs 2 weeks before menses begin and other symptoms like light menstrual flow but with long duration and mood changes.

Additional Lab Work:

“Let’s test, not guess” – Dr. Swalah ND

Testing is the best way to determine the some of the root causes associated with bloating. Dr. Swalah uses her clinical judgment, after doing a thorough investigation, to see which lab test will provide more knowledge and insight to determine the root cause and which treatments will provide the most benefit. Some lab tests that may be beneficial:

  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Comprehensive hormone testing
  • Comprehensive stool and parasite testing

Goals of therapy:

Dr. Swalah, ND addresses the root cause of your symptoms, with the goals of investigating and treating any digestive dysregulation, food sensitivities, & hormonal imbalances. With the use of evidence-based natural therapies, Dr. Swalah, ND aims to reduce symptoms of gas and bloating all while decreasing the occurrence of it by addressing the root cause. By strengthening and restoring digestion and balancing hormones, gas and bloating can be properly managed.

Naturopathic digestive health therapies include natural remedies like lifestyle & dietary changes, botanical medicine and nutraceuticals to support the gut & hormones. Dr. Swalah ND provides a custom plan for her patients and utilizes additional supplementation when deemed necessary, especially to rebalance hormones, strengthen and rebuild the gut lining.

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