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Heartburn, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), occurs when the sphincter connecting the esophagus and stomach becomes weak & relaxed, leading to stomach acid and contents flowing back up. The most common symptom of GERD is a burning sensation in the chest traveling upwards, termed as heartburn. Other symptoms include bloating, pain associated with eating, dry cough & sour taste in the mouth. Addressing and managing heartburn is important as stomach acid exposure in the esophagus is not normal or healthy, and can lead to further health complications like inflammation of the esophagus, abnormal closing of the esophagus and cancer.  Conventional treatment of heartburn is using acid suppressing medication and in severe cases, surgery.


Physiologically, heartburn is linked to too much or too little stomach acid production. Stomach acid is important for the breakdown of foods consumed and optimal nutrient absorption.  Therefore, one of the major causes and aggravators of heartburn is the food we eat. Spicy foods, coffee, fatty foods & carbonated beverages have been linked to causing and aggravating heartburn. Another important cause is food habits. Eating at irregular intervals and overeating are simple changes that can be made to alleviate heartburn. Another cause of heartburn is high levels of stress is it can cause digestive dysfunction, leading to the improper output of stomach acid.

Goal of therapy

Dr. Swalah ND believes in the proper assessment of heartburn. After a thorough health assessment and physical examination, Dr. Swalah ND puts the pieces of the puzzle together to establish the root cause and determine course of action. Ultimately, the goal is to restore digestive dysfunction by addressing the triggers, restoring proper acid production and relieving the symptoms.
Naturopathic digestive health therapies include natural remedies like lifestyle & dietary changes, botanical medicine and nutriceuticals to optimize stomach acid production and restore digestive health. Dr. Swalah ND provides a custom plan for her patients and utilizes additional supplementation when deemed necessary.

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